Home Business

Starting a home business is not easy, but it is quite common in the 21st century because the price of entry is very low – just think about how many people on your Facebook feed have started a photography company, beauty business or something similar.
Missing out on the .com bubble I started my online business in the early 2000’s – it was actually a small online store for niche computer products.

Business Ideas

Having an idea is only the start of a business venture and many experts will say the more ideas the better – at least that way if you start multiple ventures you can wait for the cream to rise to the top and then focus on those with a better return, more profitability or more future. When I started my home business I found the tech industry was growing at an astounding rate and the idea was really a good example of right time and right place!

Marketing & Advertising

This is often one of the biggest areas people tend to overlook when creating their online business – they have an idea (which may be great) but they don’t know how to get in touch with the right people, or even who the right people would be.
Before starting your own small business at home we always recommend doing the groundwork before investing your too much time and money.

This is where you can find some great small home business ideas.

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