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Company Logos: Why They Are Important

Almost every successful business has a logo that identifies their particular company, pointing consumers to their product. Logos are an essential identifying mark for companies and an effective advertising tool for any business. Logos, if designed correctly, can be the most important foot forward in your marketing plan, conveying a positive message to your consumers with a simple glance. A good logo distinguishes your products from other companies.

1. Know the message that you want to send to consumers before you choose a logo image.

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A logo is the visual identity of your company to the public, and it helps consumers understand what your company provides. When choosing a logo, make sure that image informs consumers who and what your business is all about.

2. In a digital- and visual-based world, a powerful image can bring something to mind faster than written words and brand names.

Most people immediately know that polar bears are the image for Coca-Cola, and that the “Swoosh” is the signature sign of Nike. Nobody thinks of Pepsi when they see the image of sledding polar bears drinking bottles of soda. Causing a quick recall in the consumer’s mind makes a company’s logo almost more important than the company name. Choosing the wrong company logo could seriously damage your business.

3. A recognizable and successful company logo blends the business name with the image inside the minds of potential consumers.

Example: When someone finds mice in their house, they may not remember the name of the pest company that parked across the street from their house; even if the company stayed there for three days and did a great job at their neighbor’s home. But they’ll never forget that huge gray mouse that sat on top that small yellow car. So all they need to do is search pest control businesses with the same logo image, and that company now has their business. A smart and thoughtful company logo is all about having a clever image that, with one look, tells who they are and what they are selling.

4. A good logo can often give you the psychological advantage inside the buyer’s mind.


Consumers often buy the product that has — what they consider to be — the best company logo and the most attractive packaging. Think about your favorite products and ask yourself how their logo affects your buying decisions? Many grocery stores have their own store-brand items sitting on the shelves directly next to the most popular brand-named items. So think about this. Do the store-brand’s plain white & black labeled cans look nearly as appealing as the brand-named can with bright colors and bright smiling faces, making you feel like you’re buying the healthiest product for your family? A good company logo can inspire your target audience to purchase from you, even if other named brands are cheaper.

A quality logo can greatly improve your businesses’ success.